Hints to Budapest

Holiday vocabulary



Good morning! 

Good day!

Good evening! 

Good night!



Thank you 



Sorry/Excuse me! 

Where is the toilet?

Sorry, I do not understand. 

Does there anybody speaks English or German?

I want to change Euros.

Is this taxi free?

At this address, please.

To the center, please.




Jó reggelt!

Jó napot!

Jó estét!

Jó éjszakát!







Hol van a WC?

Bocsánat, nem értem.

Beszél itt valaki angolul vagy németül?

Eurót szeretnék beváltani.

Szabad ez a taxi?

Erre a cimre, legyen szíves!

A városközpontba, legyen szíves!




Jo reggelt!

Jo napot!

Jo äschteet!

Jo ejsakaat!







Hol wan a WC?

Botschaanat. Nem eertäm.

Bäseel itt walaki angolul wadj neemätül?

Euroot särätneek bävaaltani.

Sabad äs a taxi?

ärrä a ciimrä lädjensiiwäsch!

A waaroschköspontba, lädjensiiwäsch!


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Currency exchange

The Hungarian money is called "Forint", the written short form is "Ft". The official currency abbreviation (bank language) is HUF.
The middle rate you can find for example at www.xe.com.


Should I exchange forint in my home country before traveling, or rather take Euro's and exchange money in Budapest? The question is difficult to answer ... We recommend that you check with your bank about the fees and conditions. If the terms are acceptable, we advise you to bring a smaller amount forint - the remaining necessary sum you can exchange than on the spot in exchange offices.


Where can I find the best price in town? We check the offers of the different exchange offices for you on regular basis. Ask us upon arrival where to go for the best rates.

Never change money on the street! Privat traders want only your best - your money!

Public transport

The Budapest transport company is called "BKV". You can find the English language site under www.bkv.hu/en/.

The transportation network in Budapest is well developed, you can come quickly and conveniently around the city. The price is quite reasonable: for multi-day stays we recommend you to buy a multi-day, weekly or two-week card.

An excerpt from the current price list (as of January 2016):

Single ticket (pre-sold): HUF 350,-

Single ticket (driver): HUF 450,-

Block of 10 tickets: HUF 3.000,-

3-day ticket: HUF 4.150, -
1-week-card: HUF 4.950, -

With the above mentioned tickets you can use the entire network of the Budapest Transport Company within the city borders. Included are buses, trolley buses, tram, metro (subway), suburban railway (HÉV), cog railway.

In the nighttime only a limited service is offered, which is associated with relatively long waiting times. Therefore we advise you to call a taxi in the evening hours. Please refer to our recommendations below.


Taxi ride in Budapest

Taxi driving is a hot topic on each trip. What is the price level, is a taximeter in use or are there fixed prices, is it common to give a tip or is service charge already included, how do you find reputable drivers and recognizes the "pirates"?

Here are our tips on what to look for when driving a cab in Budapest:

  • all taxis are YELLOW & are marked with the word 'TAXI'
  • require the use of taximeter
    it is started by the driver automaticly)
  • tip: you can round the amount to the next HUF 500,- or HUF 1.000,-
    pprox. 10% gratuity for good service is a nice gesture on your part


Important notice: due to new local regulations all taxi companies are obliged to use a common standard price. Ground fare is HUF 450,- plus every km is charged by HUF 280/km!

Some quality companies:
Taxi 4 (+36 1 444 4444)
Fötaxi (+36 1 222 2222) - the only company based at BUD airport
Taxi Plus (+36 1 888 0000)